Indie iOS App Developer

My first 100% SwiftUI application. It is a simple quiz game focused on national flags and capitals.

Using the handmade interactive map you can select what continents you would like to include in the pool of questions and choose one of many game modes to test your knowledge.

  • SwiftUI
  • WidgetKit

DawnLight is a little alarm application. This one is trying to be different by not only providing basic alarm features, but also waking you up at the same time as the sun rises. Giving you the opportunity to use as much of a new day as possible.

  • SwiftUI
  • CoreLocation

Archery app - WIP

Application made to help you keep track of your archery records and give you an insight into your performance.

  • SwiftUI
  • Combine
  • CoreData + CloudKit
  • Apple Watch app planned

Best way to learn the UI framework is practice. You don’t have to brainstorm ideas for complete apps. I decided to recreate some Dribble designs found online in SwiftUI. Take a look!